Ceramic Tile Block fitted in Wooden Frame.

Code : NP001

Stainless steel Top with Copper and Acrylic as Base

Code : NP002

Gold plated Brass letters on Stainless Steel and Coppper top with Glass /Acrylic Base

Code : NP003

SS plate dangler on Steel hanger with Copper base in Fibre Frame

Code : NP004

SS and Copper Top on Glass/ Acrylic Base.

Code : NP005

Stainless Steel and Copper top with Glass/ Acrylic base.

Code : NP006

Gold Plated Brass letters on Glass in Steel Holders on Wooden base

Code : NP007

SS Base with 3D letters

Code : NP008

Wooden Danglers with SS hanger and base in fibre frame.

Code : NP009

Ceramic tile base with colored ceramic embossing. Size12x6 inches approx

Code : NP010

Stainless Steel Top with Glass and Ceramic as base in Steel Holders.

Code : NP011

Stainless Steel Top with Acrylic and Wood as base

    Code : NP012